7 Best Laptop Cleaning Kit India – Ultimate Cleaning

Cleaning laptop is one of the easiest task to do if you use it in your daily life for work but many people forget about that.

Cleaning a laptop is Must. Minute particles and dust can enter into the laptop fan or other vents which prevents it from cooling down properly.

Don’t worry, in this article we will show you 7 best laptop cleaning kit available in India which you can use on a daily basis.

Best Laptop Cleaning Kit India

1) Gizga Essentials Professional 6-IN-1 Cleaning Kit

Gizga Cleaner is one of the best and all in one cleaning solution kit which consist of 6 cleaning essentials for your Laptop.

This Cleaning Kit is specifically designed to clean, brighten, and make any screen feel super smooth. Also if there is finger prints, oil, germs, dirt then this will help in cleaning it all perfectly.

Gizga Cleaning Kit comes with : Powerful Dust Air Blower, 10 Cotton Swabs, PLUSH Micro-Fibre Cloth, SUEDE Micro-Fibre Cloth, Dust Removal Anitstatic Cleaning brush and 25 ML Anitbacterial Lens Cleaning Solution.

2) Lapcare 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit with Suction Balloon

Lapcare is another and best cleaning solution for laptop which comes with 5 essentials that is A Blow Nozzle, A Tiny Brush, A Special Cloth and a Suction Balloon.

This is a perfect screen cleaner which is odourless and also free of alcohol, ammonia and vinegar. It removes dust, grease, dirt and spills without causing any damage to your screen.

Lapcare comes with a solution which is called as sterile aqueous solution which is prepared with a unique formula which helps your screen to look clean and smooth.

3) Storite 4 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit 

Storite is one of the best cleaning solution for Laptops and Pc, It can be used easily and it doesn’t damages any part of screen.

Storite comes with a good quality pieces cleaning kit which includes 2 Soft Cleaning Clothes, Brush and a Spray Solution.

4) Photron Clean Pro 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit

This 6 Piece Cleaning Contains essential items necessary for proper maintenance and care of your laptop and other electronics.

Photron Comes with Micro-Fibre Cloth, Dust Removal Cleaning Brush, Lens Cleaning Liquid – 20ml, Dust Blower, Cotton Swabs and Optical Lens Cleaning Tissues.

Do not apply the cleaning liquid directly to the screens of any electronics first put a drop on cloth and than start wiping. Easy to carry any where solution and a Proper Cleaning kit from Branded Company Photronics Inc.

5) Gizga Essentials Professional Lens Pen Cleaning Pro System + 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit 


Gizga comes with one of the best multipurpose Cleaning Kit which provides 6 Cleaning Essentials which includes Powersful Dust Blower, 10 Cotton Swabs, 2 Micro Fibre Cloth, Dust Removal Anitstatic Cleaning Brush and 25 ML Antibacterial Cleaning solution.

It is very impressive that at a very lower price you get all the essential for cleaning your laptop and other electronics.

You can use the Solution by applying it to a micro fibre cloth and wiping the screen gently in circular motion without giving too much pressure.

6) Solo IC- 106 Twin Clean

This cleaner kit come with 3 cleaning essentials Solution Bottle, Brush and Microfiber Cloth. The solution comes in 100ml Bottle.

Solo – IC 3 in 1 cleaner helps in cleaning Messy Finger Prints, Dirt and Dust by giving a clean finish. The Kit contains a special brush to clean corners of the screens and even the keyboards of laptop perfectly.

7) UltraProlink UM1027 Antibacterial Screen Cleaning & Sanitizer Kit

This is one of the most premium cleaner for laptop and other electronic essentials in India and has a 5 star rating as per the 1 review on Amazon.

This Cleaning Kit Contains 5 Items which is very useful for cleaning like 2 Premium Micro Fibre cloth, 1 Cleaning Brush, 20ML Cleaning Solution, 200ML Cleaning Solution.

The difference between ultraprolink cleaner and other cleaning kit is that you will get more quality items inside this cleaning kit which will help you clean your laptop perfectly as you want. The Package also comes very good as compare to others, so you can trust this brand while buying as of now.


These are the 7 best cleaning kit for your laptop, you can choose any of them all the products are good and comes with all the cleaning essentials. Now You can keep your Laptop by choosing from any of these cleaning kit all are cheap and affordable. Choose the best one for your laptop by reading the review and keep your Laptop clean.

FAQ Related to Best Laptop Cleaning Kit For Laptop

  1. How to Clean and Disinfect Laptop ?

    You can use a solution which has alcohol in it. Use few drop of solution on a micro fibre cloth and start wiping softly.

  2. Can We Clean Laptop Screen With Colin ?

    Yes, You can but make sure you are not spraying the Colin directly on your laptop screen, first put colin solution on a micro fibre coth and then start cleaning.

  3. Can We Clean Laptop Screen With Water ?

    Water and Micro Fibre cloth will be the best go to cleaning essential if you don’t have a separate cleaning kit.

  4. How To Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard ?

    You can Clean it with a Cleaning Kit which includes items like Cleaning Solution, Dust Blower, Brush fro keyboard and micro fibre cloths.

  5. How To Use a Laptop Cleaning Kit ?

    1. Switch off your laptop while using Cleaning Kit.
    2. Take the brush and clean the dust you see on your keyboard and screen borders.
    3. Now take Micro Fibre Cloth and put 2 drops of solution to it and start wiping your screen and parts of your laptop.
    4. Make sure you clean your laptop softly.

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