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Boat is the foremost brand in earphone market of India. It came up with excellent quality products in pocket friendly price. Boat rockerz 235v2 vs Boat rockerz 255f are the significant models of Boat.

Boat rockerz 255f comes with wide range of colours schemes and has more options than Boat rockerz 235v2.

Today we will compare Boat rockerz 235v2 & Boat rockerz 255f on the basis of their ratings, features, prices and tecnical designs.

Boat Rockerz 235v2

Boat Rockerz 255

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Introduction :-

Boat rockerz 235v2 :-

You can get a good experience of seamless audio connection and also enjoy its thumping bass. It is equiped with protective shield rated for resisting sweat and water.

Boat rockerz 235v2

Boat rockerz 235v2 has a good playback time of 8 hours and it is engineered with fast charging feature which is capable of delivering 4 hours of playtime with just 20 minutes of charging.

Boat rockerz 255 :-

Boat rockerz 255 is built with bluetooth v.5.0 and delivers crystal clear sound and gives chance of listening it deep thumping bass.

You can easily suppon up your voice control with the help of its inline remote buttons which also helps to manage volumes and pick up the phone calls.

Boat rockerz 255.

It has wide range of colours schemes available based on your favourite IPL teams. It has sturdy lightweight design and earbuds equiped with magnetic control.

Features comparison :-

Model NameBoat rockerz 235v2.Boat rockerz 255.
Sound clarityYes it is equiped with crystal clear sound .Yes it is equiped with sound clarity.
Audio DriversBuilt-in 10mm dynamic drivers.Built in 10mm Audio drivers.
Bass qualityYou can enjoy it deep thumping bass.It has exceptional bass quality.
Sweat and Water resistentEquiped with improved IPX5 shield, makes it sweat and water proof.Crafted with IPX5 shield which resist water and sweat from entering its mechanism.
Battery lifePlayback time of 8 hours.Playbacktime of 6 hours.
Fast charging4 hours of play time in just 20 minutes while chargingNo fast charging available.
Colours availableBlack, Blue, Grey, Red etc.CSK blue, DC blue, KKR thunder purple, MI blue, RCB black, Active black, Neon, Raging red, Ocean blue, Blazing yellow, Teal green etc.
AI controlYou can summon up your smartphones AI anytime with th help it 3 In-line remote buttonsCall up your smartphones AI anytime with the help of its 3 In-line remote buttons.
In-line remoteBuilt in.Built in.
Bluetooth versionBluetooth version 5.0Bluetooth version 5.0
Magnetic controlBuilt with magnetic earbuds.Built with magnetic earbuds.

Technical specification :-

Model name Boat rockerz 235v2.Boat rockerz 255.
Product dimension130 x 20 x 180 cm; 31 Grams.‎1 x 1 x 45 cm; 26 Grams.
Connection typeWireless.Wireless.
Manufacturer Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty.1 year manufacturer warranty.
Mounting hardwareBoat ‎Rockerz 235v2, Extra Earbuds, USB Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card.User Manual, Warranty Card, Micro USB charging Cable, Additional Earuds, Boat Rockerz 255.
MicrophoneBuilt in.Built in.
Battery cell compositionLithium Ion.Lithium Polymer.
ManufacturerImagine Marketing Pvt Ltd.Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd.
Date first available3 February 20209 April 2018

Customer Ratings and Price :-

Model name

‎Boat Rockerz 235v2.

Boat ‎Rockerz 255.

Customer Ratings

           3.5 out of 5 stars.

          4.0 out of 5 stars.


Which one to go for Boat rockerz 235v2 or Boat rockerz 255?

You can go for Boat rockerz 235v2 as it has fast charging feature which is not available in Boat rockerz 255 .

And also Boat rockerz 235v2 comes with less price and more playback time due to its battery which delivers 8 hours of playtime on a single full charge where as, Boat rockerz 255 delivers 6 hours of playtime on its full charge.

Boat rockerz 255 has wide range of colour schemes based on your favourite IPL teams themes. And both Boat rockerz 235v2 and Boat rockerz 255 has almost same feature except their battery life, feature of fast charging, Price and Ratings.

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