Boult Audio Airbass Truebuds Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Comparison


Boult and Boat are one of the famous brands known for their earphone market segments. Both have build good quality earphones with great features.

Wireless Earphones being very handsfree, the demand of such electronics is rising and Many find it difficult to sort out the actual difference so in this post we will compare Boult Audio Airbass Truebuds Vs Boat Airdopes 441 on basis of their price, features, technicals etc.

Boult Audio Airbass

Boat Airdopes 441

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Introduction :-

Boult Airbass Truebuds :-

Experience the rich warm Signature-Sound and ultra-clear audio, TrueBuds are the perfect combination of style and sound.

Boult Airbass Truebuds

It has one touch control and voice assistant and the best feature is automatically pair the earbuds as soon as you take them out of the case. It offers playback time upto 7.5hrs.

Boat Airpdopes 441 :-

Boat airdopes gives great bass as well and comes with playback time upto 5hrs, it also has the feature of instant pair as soon as you take earbuds out of the case.

Boat Airpdopes 441

You will get instant voice assistant via just a single touch with the help of its advanced capacitive touch controls.

Features comparison :-

Model NameBoult Airbass TruebudsBoat Airpdopes 441
Sound clarityYes it has crisp audio,
also noise cancelling
Yes it has Clear clarity
Bluetooth versionBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Bass qualityYes you can expect
a good bass
Bass is Good Quality
and Punchy
Sweat and
Water resistent
IPX7 Rated fro water
and sweat resistent
IPX7 Rated fro water
and sweat resistent
Battery life7.5 hrs for every charge5 hrs for every charge
No. of
Colours available
Touch ControlYes, it has touch controlYes, it has touch control

Technical Specifications :-

Model NameBoult Airbass TruebudsBoat Airpdopes 441
‎9.6 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm‎3.8 x 3.05 x 7 cm
1 Year1 Year
MicrophoneBuilt inBuilt in
Battery cell
‎Lithium IonLithium
Manufacturer‎Exotic Mile‎Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd
Date first
July 21, 2020June 2020

Customer Ratings and Price :-

Model Name

Boult Audio Airbass Truebuds

Boat Airdopes 441

Customer Ratings

3.7 out of 5

4 out of 5



  1. Which is best Boult Audio Airbass Truebuds Vs Boat
    Airdopes 441?

    boult airbass has good battery life than boat airdopes 441, so if you want to buy a good battery life earbuds than you can go for boult and if you want color variant than than you will get 14 options in boat. Both the earphones are best in performance.

  2. Is boat Airdopes 441 good for calls?

    For calls, the earbuds are fine you can properly communicate if there is no external noise.

  3. Is Boult audio a Chinese company?

    Boult is an indian company based in Delhi, Most of their products are made in china but some are also made in india too.

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