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Laptop Screen gets dusty everyday and one of the reason your laptop getting slow might be because of too many dust or dirt inside your laptop. So cleaning it very often is must.

Dirt and Oil Smudges are some of the common things which land on our laptop screen and make them dirty. Wiping it up simply is not a solution so in this post we will guide you to clean your laptop screen in just 2 mintues.

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Cleaning Laptop Screen Quickly with household Product

Step1 : Use a plain cotton cloth or the cloth that comes with your eye glasses if you have that at home.

Step2 : Dip the cloth into some water and start wiping the screen properly. Make sure to use as little water as possible.

That’s it , this is the easy way to clean laptop screen in just 2 Minutes with the things you have at home


Important Cleaning Tips :-

  • Always Turn Off your Laptop While Cleaning
  • Make sure you don’t use too much liquid when cleaning around plugs and ports.
  • Use Soft Cloth and avoid rough and hard cloth
  • Always remove the micro dust before wiping with any liquid
  • Never Spray any Cleaner directly to the screen, always take some liquid onto the cloth and than wipe the screen
  • Use different cloth to clean keyboards and mouse to avoid bacteria and dust.

How to clean a laptop screen with cleaning kit

Having a Cleaning kit is a benefit as it comes with brush, blower, cleaning solution, and micro fibre cloth.

List of some good and affordable laptop cleaning kit :

Step1 : Use the brush to clean the dust particles ont he screen and other parts of laptop.

Step2 : Once you have removed the dust particles you can use the buds to remove dirt from laptop ports.

Step3 : Now is the time to use the cleaning solution, take the micro fibre cloth and spray the cleaning solution onto it.

Step4 : Start Wiping the screen properly and slowly, don’t use too much of liquid.

Step5 : After wiping with cleaning solution, wipe the screen with dry cloth(optional).

Step6 : Now you can clean your laptop keyboard and overall body by dusting and wiping gently.

Note : Dont put too much pressure on laptop screen while cleaning.

How to clean a touch screen laptop


The best way to clean touch screen laptop is by a soft micro fibre cloth ( if you dont have micro fibre cloth you can use a normal soft cotton cloth )

  1. Use a Soft cloth
  2. Dampen it in water or any other cleaning solution ( we suggest you to use, Gizga Essentials Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit, we have personally used it and it gives good output. )
  3. Allow the surface to dry

While or during cleaning the touch screen laptop make sure you shut it down first and than do the rest.

How to prevent your Laptop Screen from getting dusty?

Use a Screen guard to prevent your laptop from getting dusty, it is the easy way and it does the work. Apart from that make sure you dont put too much pressure on your laptop screen.

Screens are very sensitive, so putting pressure on it might damage them.

Checkout Some Laptop Screen Guards Online

Avoid eating while working on laptop or don’t eat sitting too close to the laptop, make sure you always keep a distance even if you are consuming any liquid items.

Use keyboard guards always soo that dust don’t enter into the buttons, which is not good for longer run and it also effects the screen while closing the laptop.

How to clean oily stains on laptop screen

Before you clean it with liquid solution make sure you absorb the oily stain with a dry cloth or tissue.

After absorbing the oily stain we suggest you to get yourself a cleaning solution and a micro fibre cloth because such stains requires a proper liquid solution and not just water.

You can use any of the laptop screen cleaning solution in the market.

Spray Some solution onto cloth and start wiping gently and let the surface dry, this will be the best and easiest way to clean oily stains on laptop screen.

Things you should not do while cleaning a laptop

  1. Never Spill any Cleaning Liquid on your Laptop.
  2. Don’t clean your laptop while it’s on.
  3. Never use detergent or washing soap to clean laptop.
  4. Never spray Cleaning liquid solution directly onto the screen.
  5. Never use hard cloth to wipe the screen.
  6. When cleaning the screen, never put pressure on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I use to clean my laptop screen?

    You can use Plain water or cleaning solution spray which you can get online or from any laptop accessory store. With the liquid solutions use a micro fibre cloth or a plain soft cloth.

  2. Can I use water to clean my laptop screen?

    Yes, using a plain distilled water to clean laptop screen will be a good choice if you dont habve any cleaning solutions.

  3. Can I clean my laptop screen with Colin?

    Yes, Colin gadget cleaner will do the work for you it is one of the cleaning solution which is used by many, spray it on a micro fibre cloth and wipe the laptop screen after wiping leave it to dry.

  4. Can I use vinegar to clean my laptop screen?

    Take few drops of water and vinegar and mix it well after that spray it onto a soft piece of cloth and wipe the screen gently. In this way you can clean a laptop screen using vinegar.

  5. Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my computer screen?

    We recommend you to not use any eyeglass cleaner or any other solution apart from water and laptop cleaning solutions.

  6. Can I clean my laptop screen with hand sanitizer?

    If the stains are too hard to remove you can mix a alcohol sanitizer in few drops of water and use it for cleaning, it might work.

  7. How do you clean a computer screen without damaging it?

    The safest way to clean a computer screen is with soft micro fibre cloth with a few drops of cleaning solution on it and wiping it gently.

  8. Can I use wipes to clean my laptop screen?

    We recommend you to not use any wipes to clean your laptop screen.

  9. What household product can I use to clean my computer screen?

    Mix some water and white vinegar equally and spray it onto a micro fibre cloth, wipe it gently. You can also use water alone but make sure you spray it onto a soft cloth first.

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