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Introduction :

In this article we are comparing Jbl c200 si vs Jbl c100 si, so Jbl launched this earphone c100 si back in 2017 and c200 si in 2018. Both are from the same brand just a difference of number series.

Technical Details :

BrandJBL c200siJBL c100si
Product Dimensions6 x 3 x 17.5 cm6 x 3 x 17.5 cm
Compatible DevicesAudio Player , Laptop, Mobile, TabletAudio Player , Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Item Weight18 g50 g

Feature Comparisons :

BrandJBL c200siJBL c100si
Voice AssistantYesYes
Powerful BassGoodGood
MaterialMetallicNot Mentioned
Noise CancellingYesYes
No. Ear Tip Size Available33

Detail Comparison about JBL c200si vs JBL c100si which one is best ?

The packaging of both the earphone is identical / Same when you will look at it even the specs on packaging are almost same as each other, both of the earphones comes with 9mm driver.
But the major difference is in the price both of them have different prices. The jbl c200si comes in range of 600-750 rupees while the c100 si comes in the range of 500-700 rupees.

  • In the box you will get extra 2 ear tips
  • Look of earbuds are same 
  • Cable and jack is almost same and both don’t use braided cables
  • Microphone area is also similar to each other
  • There is no Significant quality improvement in the upgraded c200 si

Sound Comparisons :

In terms of sound out put there is no difference every sound level perform the same. Only the price is higher of jbl c200 si which is not recommended by us to you.

Why Go with JBL c100 si ?

We recommend you to go with JBL c100 si as it is low prices as compared to the other as well as its performance is full similar as compared to c200 si.

FAQ About JBL c200si vs JBL c100si

  1. 1. Is JBL C100 si good ?

    Yes it is a good budget earphone in the range of under 700 

  2. 2. Which is the best earphones JBL C100SI or JBL C200SI ?

    The jbl c100 si is as same as the 200 there is no difference apart from price so try the 100 or else you can go with other brand in same price range.

  3. 3. Which earphone is better among JBL C100SI, C150SI and C200SI?

    The price range is he only difference in those 3 earphones and rest features are similar so i think the low priced c100 si is the better option among them. 

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