JBL LIVE 200bt vs Skullcandy ink’d wireless Comparison


JBL and Skullcandy are popular brands, known for their speakers, headphones and earphones.

Today, we will compare earphone models of this both brands known as JBL LIVE 200bt and Skullcandy ink’d wireless on the basis of their reviews, features and technical specifications.

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JBL LIVE 200bt:

JBL LIVE 200bt has signature sound and a punchy and thumping bass with immense clarity.    

It has a good battery life and fast charging means 2hours of charging gives you 10 hours of play back time and have tangle free wire.

It has three button remote which helps to quick access to google assistant or any other AI and helps to take calls and control the volume and your music.

Skullcandy ink’d wireless:

Skullcandy ink’d wireless has supreme sound and has noise isolating design which gives you great clarity to any type of music you listen.

It has 8 hours of chargeable battery, built in mic and remote to take your calls and control your music and its volume.   

It has a good bluetooth range which extends up to 30-feet and have tangle free wire.

Product Comparison :-

Model nameJBL LIVE 200btSkullcandy ink’d wireless
Dust proof and water resistantNo.No.
Sweat resistantNo.No.
Stereo speakersYes, it has stereo speakers.Yes, it has stereo speakers.
Earphone formIn-ear.In-ear.
Noise cancellationsNo noise cancellationNo noise cancellation.
Noise reductionNo noise reduction.Yes, it has noise reduction.
Neodymium magnetsNo.Yes, it has neodymium magnets.
Battery life10 hours.8 hours.

Features Comparison:-

Model nameJBL LIVE 200bt.Skullcandy ink’d wireless.
Passive noise reductionDon’t have any noise reduction.Yes, it has passive noise reduction.
Rechargeable batteryYes.Yes.
Battery level indicatorYes.Yes.
Voice commandsYes, it has voice commands.Don’t have voice commands.
Control panelDon’t have any control panel.Yes, it has control panel.
Voice promptYes, it has voice prompt.No, don’t have any voice prompt.
Warranty period1 year.1 year.
In-line control panelYes.No.
Ratings3.3 out of 5.3.4 out of 5.

Technical specification:-

Model nameJBL LIVE 200bt.Skullcandy ink’d wireless.
Dimension18 x 22.8 x 4 cm; 190 grams.10.92 x 3.05 x 18.8 cm; 76.54 grams.
Model year2018.2016.
Batteries cell compositionLithium Polymer batteries included.Lithium ion batteries included.
Mounting hardware1 pair of JBL LIVE 200bt, safety sheets and charger.1 pair of Skullcandy ink’d wireless, USB charging cable and user manual.
Highest-lowest frequency20000hz-20hz.20000hz-20hz.
Driver unit size8mm.10mm.
Bluetooth version4.24.1
Country of originChina.China.
ManufacturerHarman International Industries. Inc.Skullcandy. Inc.

What to choose???

Both JBL and Skullcandy has good features, great sound quality and they both have good battery life with bluetooth connectivity.

But, JBL is the winner as it has extraordinary features such as three button remote which can summon AI and also helps to pickup calls, control music and manage volume and thumping bass.

If, you are looking for the price than you can go for Skullcandy which gives immense clarity to music and its bluetooth range up to 30-feet and it has battery life of 8 hours.

Ratings and Prices:-

JBL LIVE 200bt with 3.3 ratings out of 5 comes under 4000 rs

Whereas, Skullcandy ink’d wireless has 3.4 ratings out of 5 comes under 3000 rs

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