LG um7300 vs Samsung ru7100 – Which is best ?

In recent years , two south Korean companies i.e. LG and Samsung have influenced the smart TV market. Both have become a tough competitors to one another till today’s date. Here, we are going to compare one of the remarkable TV models of both the companies i.e. LG um7300 and Samsung ru7100

Before, we start comparing both the models i.e. LG um7300 and Samsung ru7100 we would like to give a spoonful of information about specification of those companies. 
Even if these both models are at affordable price, there is still bit difference in their displays, LG uses OLED displays whereas, Samsung make use of QLED displays. 
The OLED display are considered to be best in colors and contrast although, the QLED displays don’t match the picture quality of OLED display.

Specification Comparison

LG um7300Samsung ru7100
ResolutionIPS PanelVA Panel
Panel type3840 x 2160 pixels Ultra HD (UHD) / 4K / 2160p3840 x 2160 pixelsUltra HD (UHD) / 4K / 2160p
Operating SystemwebOS 4.5Tizen 5.0
Contrast Ratio1100:15700:1
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz
Input Lag< 11 ms< 11 ms

Look / Design

1. Backside


2. Edges


3. Stand


Sound Comparison :-

Both LG um 7300 and Samsung ru 7100 both are same in their sound quality. The only things that lack is a Base🔊 punch.
If you are looking for audio on your TV then you can go for any one of them both are OK. 

The Main Differences:- 

The biggest difference is LG um 7300 uses a IPS Panel which gives you better viewing angles but causes the black levels to suffer, there will be a more grey tint to them. Samsung ru 7100 uses a VA Panel which gives better black levels but because of it, the viewing angle is going to be not that good.
So, therefore LG is going to be a better tv in a bright room and Samsung is going to perform better in a dark room.
The other advantage the Samsung has is playing back not only on HDR10 but also HDR10+. On the other side LG is only limited to HDR10

Comparison for Gamers.

Talking about the input lag time, which is better on Samsung than the LG which is better for gaming.

Operating Systems-

Samsung has their smart hub that will be having all the apps and gives easy access to your tv settings. 
LG uses WebOS which has similar setup at the bottom of the screen but the Magic Remote makes it easier to operate with its ability to point and click with the cursor on the screen.So if you are looking from a remote point of view which comes in operating segment than the LG um7300 is the one which you should go for.
Both the tv perform almost same, there is only few difference and not so complex, it will be more easier for you to decide, which you should go for after reading this small review.
We have covered the basic things which a consumer look for while buying the Tv Hope this will help you. 

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