Oneplus Bullets Wireless z vs Realme Wireless Comparison

Oneplus Bullets Wireless z vs Realme Wireless Comparison

Now a days, there’s whole lot of competition in earphone market, in each earphone brand we can see there are different features which give a great comfort to its users but, there are many brands which gives different quality to their earphones so here we are to help you out in choosing a better earphone model according to your use.

So, today we will compare remarkable brand with their famous earphones model that are Oneplus Bullets Wireless z and Realme wireless.


Oneplus Bullets Wireless:-

Oneplus which is a smartphone brand also manufactures quality earphones. It is known for its good battery and play back time and latest updated Bluetooth version.

Oneplus earphones gives great acoustic experience to its user and has an excellent battery and recharge time.

Realme Battery Buds Wireless:-

Realme Buds wireless gives excellent sound clarity and it has great thumping bass. It comes up with good sound drivers.

Realme Buds wireless are known for its good seamless audio connection due to its magnetic buds. It has good battery life which gives you 12 hours of playback time.

Product Comparison:-

Model name

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z
Realme Buds Wireless.

Headphone form factor






Connector type



Bluetooth Version


Battery life

20 hours.
12 hours.


Black, Blue and Red.

Manufacturing Date

8th May 2020.

20th September 2019.


Comfortable Neckband

Yes, it has tangle free comfortable neckband.

Yes, it has tangle free comfortable neckband.

Special Features:-

Model nameOneplus Bullets Wireless Z.Realme Buds Wireless.
Sweat resistantYes, it is sweat resistant.Yes, it is sweat resistant.
Water resistantYes, it is water resistant.No, it is not water resistant.
Complete charging20-30 minutes.1.5 hours.
Fast charging10 minutes of charging gives you
10 hours of playback time.
Not specified.
Warp charge technologyYes, it has Warp charge Technology.Not specified.
Magnetic controlYes, it has Magnetic control.Not specified.
Magnetic EarbudsNot specified.Yes, it has Magnetic Earbuds.
Sound drivers9.2mm.11.2mm.
Sound clarityYes it has good sound clarity.Yes it has good sound clarity.
BassYes it has a good bass.It has an excellent deep bass.
Passive Noise reduction Not specified.Not specified.
Call for AINot specified.Yes, it has three-button
remote which can summon up AI.

Technical specification:-

Model NameOneplus Bullets wireless Z.Realme Buds Wireless.
Dimension18.7 x 15.2 x 2.9 ; 28 grams.45.5 x 11 x 0.5 ; 31.8 grams.
BatteriesLithium polymer.Lithium polymer.
Battery cell compositionLithium Ion.Not specified.
Weight28 grams.31.8 grams.
Mounting HardwareOne charger, One warranty , One pair of Oneplus Bullet Wireless Z, User guide and Silicon earbuds.One charger, One warranty, ONe pair of Realme Buds Wireless, User guide, Ear support and ear tips.
Country of OriginChina.China.
Warranty1 year.6 months.
Connector typeBluetooth Wireless.Bluetooth wireless.
Three-button remote cellyes it has three-button remote.yes it has three button remote.

Ratings and Prices:-

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z:-

Realme Buds Wireless:-

Who is the winner?

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is the winner as it has good batteries and comes up with the excellent playback time up to 10 hours with charging of 10 minutes. And features like water resistant and seat proof, also It comes with good sound driver which gives great experience to its user listening music.

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