Oppo enco free vs airpods Comparison

Oppo enco free vs airpods Comparison

Currently the earphone technology has got a boom, different Earphone or Earbud of seperate brand has been engineered with distinct features. We will sort out the features and help you to get yourself a good earphone according to your use.

So, today we will compare most prominent branded product that are Oppo enco free and Apple Airpods.

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Oppo enco free :-

Oppo enco free has good sound clarity and excellent deep thumping Bass because of its Ultra dynamic drivers.

It has Long Battery life, which gives you company upto 25 hours. Oppo enco free engineered with IPX4 which makes it water resistant.

It leads to noise cancellation which redeces 50% of noise and delivers crystal clear sound and AI prompt for eg. Ok google, Siri etc.

Apple Airpods :-

Apple Airpods delivers its signature Sound Quality, they are easy to setup and are automatically connected to your device.

It has qiuck access to siri and has good playback time for more than 24 hours (with charging case) and 5 hours of listening on single charge.

Product Specification :-

Model Name

Oppo enco Free.


Connector type 



Bluetooth version




Built in.

Built in.

Form Factor

In ear.

In ear.

Battery Life (with charing case)

Upto 25 hours.

More than 24 hours.





Special Features :-

Model Name

Oppo enco free.


Active Noise Cancellation

Yes it has active noise cancellation.

Yes it has active noise cancellation.

Bass quality

Yes it has deep thumping bass.

Yes it has good thumping bass.

Motion detecting accelerometer 

No it does not have Motion detecting accelerometer

Yes it has Motion detecting accelerometer

Dual optical sensor

Not specified.

Yes it have Dual optical sensor

Voice Prompt

Yes it can summon AI like google assistant.

Yes it can get quickly accessed to AI.

Sound Clarity

Excellent sound clarity.

Exceptional sound clarity.

H1 Chip

It does not have H1 Chip.

It have H1 Chip.

Dual Beamforming Microphones

Yes it has dual Microphone.

Yes it has Dual Microphone.

Playback time on single charge

5hours of playback time on single charge.

5hours of playback time on single charge.

Water resistant

yes it is rasistant to water and sweat.

No its not water proof.


3.7 stars out of 5 stars.

4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

Technical Specifications :-

Model NameOppo enco freeAirpods.
Dimension4 x 3.6 x 12 cm; 48 Grams.9.8 x 9.8 x 3 cm; 1 Grams.
Charging case1 x1 x
Mounting HardwareHeadset, charging cable,
manual and warranty card.
Airpods, Charging case.
Weight48 grams.1 gram.
Warranty12 months.12 months.
Headphone driver unit13.4 grams.Not specified.
Headphone driver typeultra dynamic drivers.Not specified.

Pro and Cons of Oppo Enco free :-


  • Budget friendly.
  • Water resistent.
  • Good bass.


  • Heavy.
  • Does not have H1 chip.

Pros and cons of Airpods :-


  • It has H1 chip.
  • Light weight.
  • Has dual optical sensor.
  • Has motion and speech detecting accelerometer.


  • Expensive.
  • Charger not included.
  • Not water proof.

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