Razer Deathadder essential vs elite Comparison

Razer Deathadder essential vs elite Comparison

Razer is well known brand for its gaming Computers, Mouse and accessories, today we will compare both the Mouse models of Razer that are Deathadder essential and Deathadder elite on the basis of their Technical Specification, Special Features, Reviews, Ratings etc.


Razer Deathadder essential :-

Razer Essential is one of the most used mouse for gaming and it came out back in 2006 and millions of mouse was sold during the year.

It Comes With 6400dpi Optical Sensor which is the worlds first sensor and it performs very fast and comes with very accurate swipes.

Razer Deathadder elite :-

Razer elite Mouse is a more better and upgraded version as compared to Razer Essential which was launched in 2016.

It Comes with 16,000 dpi Optical Sensor and gives one of the best performance till now and it comes under one of the fastest mouse in gaming.

Product Comparison :-

Model NameRazer Deathadder essentialRazer Deathadder elite
No of Buttons56
Precision6400 dpi16000 dpi
Weight 125g105g

Feature Comparison :-

Razer Deathadder essentialRazer Deathadder elite
Mouse Used For Gaming, Other WorksGaming, Other Works
Body Material PlasticPlastic, Rubber Side Grips
Mouse ColorBlackBlack
Design LightGreenChanging Colors
Button Sound While PressingHigh Sound Low Sound
Programmable Button56
Tracking of MotionAverageFaster
Clicking Lifespan10 Million Clicks50 Million Clicks
Manufacture Warranty2 Years2 Years

Price and Ratings

Razer Deathadder essential Comes upto price range of Rs.2499 /-

Razer Deathadder elite Comes upto price range of Rs.3399 /-

Who’s the winner ?

Both the Mouse are best in the gaming and comes with best functionality but if you want to select one from both the model than elite will be the most recommended as it has 6 programmable buttons and makes quite noise when you click hardly while playing games like counterstrike etc.

Also the Clicking Lifespan of Razer Deathadder Elite is more than Razer Deathadder Essential. We can say that Elite is upgraded version of elite.

After Reading this article you will be able to select any of them both the mouse will perform best for you.

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