Realme Buds Wireless vs JBL t205bt Compared

Realme and JBL are the two major brands in electronic market in India. Today we will compare the models of this both brands i.e. Realme buds and JBL t205bt on the basis of technical details, features and other important specifications.


We would like to inform you that both of this earphones are In-ear headphones with bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries. 


It has magnetic buds, you can experience auto on and off feature.

Realme has good 110mAh battery which means 1.5 hours of charging gives you 12 hours of playback time,10 minutes of charging gives you minimum 100 minutes of music time.

JBL tune 205bt:

JBL tune 250bt comes up with hands free calling and built in mic. It has excellent bass, sound clarity and good battery life.

2 hours of charging gives 6 hours of play time under optimum audio settings. 

The unique design of earbuds allows you to enjoy your music in full comfort and has flexible flat cable which is tangle free.

 Product comparison:

Model nameRealme buds wireless.JBL t205bt.
Battery life12 hours6 hours
NeckbandTangle free flat cable.Tangle free flat cable.
Sweat proofYes.No.
Vibrating neckbandsNo.No.
Multi point connectionNo.No.
ColorsYellow, orange green, black etcBlack, blue, gold, Rose gold etc.
Noise cancellationYes.Yes.
Alexa and other voicesYes.No.
Fast chargingNeeds 1.5 hours for full charge.Needs 2 hours for full charge.
Manufacturing date12th September 2019.22th June 2018.

Important Specification:

NameRealme buds wireless.JBL t205bt.
Ratings3.5 4
Warranty6 months1 year
Hands free callsYes.Yes.
Noise cancellationReduces 50% of noise.Don’t have any noise cancellation.
BassDon’t have any thumping bass.Have good thumping bass.
Voice assistantHave nice voice assistant.Don’t have any voice assistant.
Batteries includedNo.Yes.
Weight31.8 grams.56 grams.
Neck bandFlexible.Flexible band.

Technical specification:

Model nameRealme buds wireless.JBL t205bt.
Product dimension35.5 x 11 x 0.5; 31.8 grams.4.2 x 6.1 x 17.5 ; 56 grams.
Batteries compositionLithium ion.Lithium polymer.
Batteries includedNo.Yes.
Headphone formIn-ear.In-ear.
VoltageNot specified.3.7 volts.
MaterialNot specified.Metal.
ManufacturersHarman international industries. Inc.Oppo.
Compatible to devicesSmartphones.Audio player, laptop, mobile, tablet.
Connector typeWireless.Wireless.
Country of originChina.China.
Mounting hardwareOne pair of earphones i.e. Realme buds, 1x warranty card eligible for 6 months, micro USB cable.One pair of JBL T205bt earphones, 1x warranty card. eligible for 1 year, ear support, ear tips charging cable.

Which earphone to choose?

Basically, both the earphones are great in sound quality but, Realme is the the winner as it has more features and has good battery life.

Realme has seamless audio connection and comes up with three buttons remote, you can control your music, handle phone calls and call for AI with three tactile inline buttons.

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